Bridal and Special Occasions


Group Events and Private Parties

Our private parties and bridal services are a perfect way to socialize, relax, and connect. Our team will work with you to create the perfect spa experience for any occasion, drawing from our menu of full session services and shorter, “cocktail length” spa treatments.

Northwest Aesthetics is the perfect unique venue for special get-togethers such as Botox parties, birthday parties, bridal parties and others. We can customize services and products to fit your budget.

Northwest Aesthetics offers the top 5 2017 bridal treatments among our extensive list of services!  


#1 Medical Grade Facials

And ours happen to be award winning!  Facials are a perfect way to restore your skin’s healthy state and for good skin care maintenance.


#2 Botox

An injection into the muscle between the brows and/or the eyes to block nerve impulses that cause forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet. When injected under the arms, it can stop sweating.


#3 Microdermabrasion

Light “sanding” of upper layer of skin to smooth skin and reduce blemishes and wrinkles.


#4 Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement with cosmetic fillers offers a soft, natural looking pout that on average lasts 6-9 months.


#5 Body Contouring Laser Treatments

We have 4 body contouring laser treatments for you to choose from. We are able to treat anything from fat reduction to cellulite removal


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