Brilliant Distinctions Program

Brilliant Distinctions Program

Earn Rewards and save money!  The Brilliant Distinctions Points Program allows you to earn and redeem points for your eligible Botox, Juvederm XC, Juvederm Voluma, Kybella, SkinMedica products and Latisse purchases. Each time you visit us for a treatment or product, you earn points on your Brilliant Distinctions account. Over time, these points accumulate, and you can redeem them for future purchases. Brilliant Distinctions is free to join.

How do I earn points?

Once you’ve signed up for Brilliant Distinctions, simply visit Northwest Aesthetics for your treatment, just as you did before registering for the program. After your appointment, our staff will automatically apply your earned points to your account. Within about 48 hours of your appointment, you’ll receive an email letting you know your points have been added to your account.

Points are easy to earn and quickly add up to significant savings.  Here is a list of points that can be earned with each purchase:


Kybella 400 points

Botox 200 points

Juvederm 200 points per syringe

Juvederm Voluma 200 points per syringe

Latisse 150 points

SkinMedica Products 25-150 per product


How do I get and redeem my coupons?

When you’re ready to schedule your next treatment or purchase a product, log into your account on the Brilliant Distinctions website. You’ll have the option to create a coupon. Print the coupon and bring it with you to your appointment. It’s important that you only create your coupons when you’re ready to use them, because they expire 60 days after they’re created.

Also, we are happy to help you redeem points and create coupons right here at Northwest Aesthetics. With your permission, we can log in to your Brilliant Distinctions account, create a coupon, and use it for your Allergan products or services that same day.

Will my points expire if I don’t use them?

You must redeem your points within 9 months of earning them. Once you’ve put your points in the “bank,” you can access them indefinitely. However, if your account remains inactive for 2 years, your information will be purged.

How do I register for the program?

Visit the Brilliant Distinctions website and follow the instructions to register.

Once you are registered, notify our staff that you are a participant. We will then bank your points each time you have a treatment in our office.