Cheek Enhancement with Juvederm Voluma


Voluma is the only hyaluronic acid approved by the FDA to specifically contour and volumize the midface. It is made of a thick hyaluronic based gel that enables us to re-fill areas that aging has caused to deflate. Voluma is one of Northwest Aesthetics favorite products for injecting with fabulous, natural-looking results.

What areas can Voluma be used to treat?

Voluma is a great filler to strategically add volume in the cheeks and midface, one of the first areas to see signs of aging. Volumizing the midface restores a more youthful facial shape, making it more angular rather than rectangular. When used in this area it can also soften the nasolabial folds.

Who is a good candidate for Voluma?

The FDA has cleared Voluma for adults over 21 years of age who have minimal to moderate signs of aging due to loss of volume. Most people requesting Voluma are between 30 and 70 years of age.

How much Voluma will I need?

The amount of product needed depends on the patient’s anatomy, age, genetics and desired goals. The FDA has cleared Voluma for adults over 21 year of age. For someone in their mid 30’s with very minimal sagging, one syringe usually produces amazing results. In older patients with significant loss of volume and sagging, 2 syringes or more per side might be necessary.

How long does Voluma last?

The initial studies with Voluma showed two years of longevity, but patients also received up to 6 syringes of filler. Voluma lasts a different amount in each individual based on factors such as metabolism, activity level, and location and depth of injection. Generally we see about one year duration.

What do I have to do to prepare for Voluma?

The preparation is essentially the same as with any filler. Patients should discontinue any fish oil and pain medication such as aspirin or Advil. This will help reduce the chances of bruising. A homeopathic supplement that we recommend to help with swelling and bruising is Arnica (which we have here in the office). Arnica gel can also be applied 2 or 3 times a day to the injection sites. People who swell easily can prepare by taking Claritin or Zyrtec for a few days before the treatment.  Patients should refrain from heavy alcohol consumption the night before and day after treatment.

What is the recovery time for Voluma?

Results are immediate with no downtime. Because of the depth of the injection the cheeks can feel a little sore.

How much does Voluma cost?

Voluma runs $950 a syringe, but be sure to get on Northwest Aesthetics mailing list so you are first to know about our monthly specials.  New clients receive $50 off their first syringe of cosmetic filler of choice.

Click here to learn more about Juvederm Voluma and to view before and after photos.

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