Everything You Need to Know About Juvederm Lip Enhancement Treatment


Men and women from all age groups and backgrounds want to get this procedure done to enhance their lips. Its popularity has risen as it has become safer and more affordable.

Many patients come in for non-surgical injectable lip augmentation in order to correct asymmetry, lift sagging lips, and add volume to lips that have become thinner with age. We pride ourselves on lip augmentation results that look natural and beautiful.

We get a lot of questions about your Lip Enhancement Treatments that we thought we’d share with you to offer a little bit of insight!  Should you have any additional questions after reading our blog post, please feel free to contact us anytime!

 Dermal Fillers

Lip augmentations used to be done by injecting collagen into your lips and around your mouth. These days, most clinics use dermal fillers that are made of hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar molecule our body naturally produces.

As people age, their natural supply of hyaluronic acid diminishes. This leads to thinner tissues and an older appearance. Hyaluronic acid fillers offer synthetic cross-linked hyaluronic acid to supplement the dwindling supply of natural hyaluronic acid in the tissues.

Since hyaluronic acid is a naturally produced chemical in the body, the chances of infection or allergic reaction with hyaluronic acid fillers are greatly diminished in comparison to collagen fillers.

Why do use Juvederm XC for your lip enhancement t treatments?



These days, injectable dermal fillers are the most commonly used method of lip augmentation, and Juvederm is the best. Not only does Juvederm XC result in soft, natural-looking full lips, but it’s also the first and only filler approved by the FDA for lip augmentation.

On average, results last 6-9 months, but may last up to a year.

Juvederm XC dermal filler lip enhancement treatment is a simple solution to address thin, wrinkling lips or to just simply add some fullness. This procedure is non-invasive and can be completed in less than an hour.  It is also repeatable at regular intervals. If you are concerned about the shape of your lips and desire a greater amount of lip volume, consider a plumping treatment using Juvederm XC.

Setting Realistic Expectations

While it is important to have realistic expectations and recognize that not everyone can achieve voluptuous looking lips, most patients will be able to come close to their desired goals or exceed them. The key limitation is that the patient can only improve what they already have. Therefore, if someone has naturally thin lips, they may be able to achieve normal lips with Juvederm Ultra Plus, but not very full ones.

One of the most important results of Juvederm XC lip injections is that uneven lips can be reshaped to appear uniform. For instance, a smaller left lower lip can be matched to the size of the right lower lip. Natural looking results can be created when the procedure is performed by an experienced provider. Just a single syringe of Juvederm XC may suffice for lip augmentation in many cases.

What should I expect from a Juvederm XC Lip Enhancement Treatment?

It may be difficult to believe that we can give you fuller lips in the time it would take you to go grocery shopping, but it’s definitely true.

On the day of your appointment at Northwest Aesthetics, we will help you get comfortable and then apply a topical numbing cream to the inside and outside your lips. The topical numbing cream will be left on for about 10 to 15 minutes before the treatment. Once the numbing cream does its job and you’re nice and comfortable, Olga Voloshina, our injectables extraordinaire will begin working her magic. Before you know it, you’ll be done with your treatment and have fuller lips and you will no longer need to spend time searching for the best lip plumping product around!

What else do I need to know about Juvederm XC Lip Enhancement Treatment?
  • Juvederm XC attracts water, so for the first couple of days, your lips may appear large and swollen. But don’t worry. This is normal. After a short time, the swelling will subside and leave you with the beautiful, shapely lips you’ve always wanted.
  • You may experience some slight bruising and tenderness at the site of the injections, but that will go away, too.
  • Most people use only one syringe of Juvederm XC, but you may require more than one treatment to get exactly what you want. One thing that makes Juvederm XC such a top-notch lip augmentation treatment is the range of options it provides. We’ll start off with one syringe. You may be surprised by the difference subtle changes make in how you feel about your lips. If you require more dramatic changes than those you see in the first visit, we can talk about scheduling you for a second.
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Talk about immediate gratification!

If the idea of having plumper lips gives you that giddy feeling of excitement you got as a child as Christmas approached, we welcome you to call and we will do our best to get you in for an appointment as soon as possible!!


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