Fractora Plus Skin Tightening




The Fractora Forma PLUS skin tightening treatment uses the latest laser technology to target loose skin on problematic areas of the body.  The Forma PLUS radio frequency technology heats the deep layers of skin in a controlled, safe delivery method, which causes collagen revitalization. Collagen is the building block, or foundation, in our skin that breaks down as skin ages. Radio frequency energy stimulates the body’s natural response to build more collagen, which helps to lift and tighten sagging skin.

In clinical studies it has been observed that 71% of patients had moderate to significant improvement, while 29% had mild improvement of their skin tightening. Forma is a safe, effective treatment option for non-invasive skin tightening.



    • Tightens loose skin caused by aging, liposuction or rapid weight loss
    • Contours and sculpts problematic areas of the body
    • Reduces body circumference
    • Stimulates collagen
    • Can be used as preventative treatment
    • Safe, effective and requires no downtime
    • Can be used almost anywhere on the body


    • Upper Arms (bat wings)
    • Legs
    • Knees
    • Abdomen
    • Back
    • Or other areas that may require tightening and renewing



It is recommended that 8 weekly sessions are performed for optimal results.  The recommended numbers of treatments also depend on the degree of laxity, which may require additional treatments.



You will see gradual results with each treatment as more collagen is produced.  Final results of the treatment series are seen within 1-2 months.



Avoid sun exposure, tanning beds or sunless tanning creams two weeks before and four weeks after your laser treatment. The presence of any tan decreases the effectiveness of the laser and can increase the chance of post-treatment complications.



Forma is painless procedure.  A cool clear gel will be applied to the treatment area. A radio frequency hand-piece will be smoothed over the treatment area delivering the radio frequency energy and heat. The treatment feels similar to a hot stone massage.  Each treatment head has a temperature gauge built into it to maintain control and make certain that no areas are under- or over- treated.



    • After each session there will be some slight redness in the treated area, which subsides within a few hours. Mild redness is common after your treatment and will lessen within a few hours
    • You may resume normal activities immediately after treatment
    • Always protect your face with broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher


Fractora Plus Skin Tightening treatments are available at Northwest Aesthetics Bellevue and Kent, WA locations.

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