Laser Hair Removal What You Need To Know and How it Compares to Traditional Methods


Laser hair removal is a safe and highly effective treatment for nearly every part of the face or body. Backed by science, laser hair removal has helped millions of women and men find the confidence that comes with a long-lasting solution to unwanted hair growth.


The science of laser hair removal is rooted in targeting melanin, also called pigment. This is the substance that provides the natural color of skin, hair and iris of the eye. During the laser hair removal process, we target the melanin in hair follicles to deactivate them and inhibit further growth, while preventing the overheating of skin and surrounding tissues.  At Northwest Aesthetics, we use Candela Lasers, which are the premier lasers for hair removal providing permanent hair reduction for skin types I-VI!



Traditional hair removal methods, such as waxing, shaving, depilatory creams, plucking/tweezing, sugaring, and stringing provide only temporary results — some for fewer than 24 hours.  Within hours or possibly days, you are back at it again.  Even worse, some of these methods can often stimulate hair growth.

There are many reasons why this is a preferred solution to traditional methods methods, among them:

  • It does not cause the irritation that other hair removal methods can.
  • Larger areas may be treated quickly and together, unlike electrolysis, waxing or tweezing.
  • It is effective on almost any area of the body where smoother, hair-free skin is desired.

Laser Hair Removal vs. Shaving

Shaving is the most common method of hair removal. But once hair is shaved, it typically grows back in a matter of days, and can result in cuts, ingrown hairs, razor burn and razor rash, and missed stubble. Shaving also gets expensive over time due to the number of products purchased to ensure a safe experience.

Laser hair removal is a smart alternative. Because this treatment gets down to the root of the hair follicle, the need for daily or weekly repeat treatments with alternative hair removal methods disappears. There’s no need to buy creams, lotions, or replacement blades or razors. And you never have to worry about razor burn, stubble, ingrown hairs or cuts.

Laser Hair Removal vs. Waxing

Hair removal through the use of hot wax is a popular method. Wax is first applied to the area, a cloth strip is placed on top of the wax, and the strip is ripped off, removing the hair by plucking it out from the root of the hair follicle. Naturally this process can be extremely painful, and what’s worse, it needs to be repeated every few weeks. Waxing also requires the hair to be grown out prior to treatment, while laser hair removal does not.

Laser Hair Removal is not a relaxing treatment, but it is the far gentler option. Instead of plucking the hair out from the root, this method uses pulsing light beams to target the hair follicle.




  • Don’t think the treatment isn’t working if you don’t see immediate results. On average, it takes 5 sessions of laser hair removal in order to see optimal skin tones.  Those with darker skin types may require additional treatments. You may not see results after the first treatment, but you will start seeing a dramatic drop in unwanted hair follicles after the 2nd or 3rd treatment and it only gets better from there.
  • If you want to see results, you have to be consistent. Your hair follicles are on their own growth cycle. People who see the best results typically go in for treatment every six to eight weeks in order to maximize the potential of zappin’ the most follicles. This time frame allows the dead hair shafts to fall out on their own.
  • Some hair and skin types can be a little harder to treat — but not impossible. Dark hair follicles are usually easy to treat because, again, the laser targets the hair’s pigment. This is also why gray, white, blonde, and red pigments can be tricky.
  •  Darker tones can also be harder to treat, but not impossible.  Gentle Yag laser is typically best for removing unwanted hair on darker skin types, which we happen to offer here.


  • Stay out of the sun, tanning beds, spray tans, and tanning lotion prior to your appointment. Avoid sun exposure without sunscreen for two weeks prior to and after your appointment. You can’t receive this treatment if you’re sunburned — or even if you have a tan.
  • Always wear sunscreen! Sunscreen should be your best friend in general, but definitely use it after your treatment. Your skin will be sensitive — even if it doesn’t feel like it — and you need to protect it as much as possible.  You should also remember that sunscreen only protects you for 2 hours, so make sure to reapply. It also takes about 30 minutes for sunscreen to start working, so plan accordingly.
  • You must shave the treatment area prior to your appointment.  It is best to shave the day before or the day of your appointment.  Remember: The laser targets the PIGMENT of your hair follicle, and the follicle actually has to be there in order for this to work.  It is difficult for the laser to do precise follicle targeting with hair being in the way.
  • You should also avoid waxing for at least two weeks prior to your appointment.


Yes.  Laser hair removal treatments are safe when they are performed by a credible place of business and licensed service providers.  Our laser hair removal treatments are performed by our master aestheticians who are certified, went through extensive hands-on as well as safety training.  They’ve also performed hundreds of treatments on our clients, so you’re in good hands.


Absolutely! Laser hair removal doesn’t guarantee to remove 100% of your unwanted hair, but the few stragglers that do grow back are pretty much unnoticeable. Not have to shave for months at a time is worth the little discomfort you have to endure during your treatment.

Not to mention the time and money you will save by not having to shave, wax, tweeze or sugar ever again!


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