Meet the team: Kasey Carter, Aesthetic Nurse

My name is Kasey Carter and I have been a nurse injector here at Northwest aesthetics for a year now.  Olga has patiently taken me under her wing and taught me her sought after injection techniques along with all the lasers in this clinic.  I thoroughly enjoy everything I do here, but I have taken on special liking to injecting fillers.  I love helping a client enhance their features, so they appear less tired and more refreshed.  I often hear, “I just want to turn back the clock just a little.”   It has quickly become my passion to assess different faces and choose which filler in which location would do just that.

I had the opportunity recently to have Olga inject me.  I had two syringes of Juvederm Voluma in my cheeks, one syringe of Juvederm Vollure in my chin and nasal labial folds and Juvederm Ultra Plus in my lips.  I was a little swollen the next day but even with 4 syringes of filler in my face, I still looked natural.  That is the talent of a good injector with a trained eye.   This is the talent that I have been fortunate enough to train under for the last year. Here are some of my before and after pictures after my treatment with Olga!

My absolute favorite right now is lips.  I love studying the shape of each individual’s lip and creating the look that the client is seeking.  I feel like shape is everything.  Many people are afraid of having the “duck lip” appearance but few know that it takes many syringes to achieve that.  One syringe will give just enough to enhance the appearance of the lips the client already has.  Focusing on the cupids bow and the lower lip “pout” while outlining and filling in the lips to create a more hydrated, slightly more plump appearance.

The lips will be the most swollen initially after the injections, so there have been many times when the client’s initial response is “oh my!  They are going to go down right?”   It is important to know that after injection, your lips are about 30% more swollen then what the result will be.  It is only a matter of days before the client is confidently flashing their smile to the world. 

I know that it takes a special kind of relationship to establish trust with your injector.  Either from word of mouth through friends or family, reviews online or social media.  Since I am fairly new in this industry, I have created an Instagram page which I have been slowly adding photos of the clients who have trusted me with their faces.  Feel free to follow me @northwest_aesthetics and @beyoutbykasey for the latest photos of my work. 

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